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Finding Answer's, University of Alberta Course

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Please listen to this song first before continuing. I was going to save this blog when I completed the course but in the light of the mass grave being found of the 215 First Nation's children being found, I am posting it now.

This horrific finding is just proof that we need to wake up personally and as a nation and learn from the past, take responsibility and heal are relationships destroyed by ignorance and greed.

Tell me your story, teach me everything through your eyes, allow me to share and educate.


In late May I returned home from running an errand and heard my father talking to Sandra Sutter during one of his many phone conferences. I could recognize her voice anywhere. Fumbling excitingly to find a piece of paper and a pen, I wrote "Sandra Sutter?" and slid it towards my father. He looked at me and nodded his head yes.

At this point, I'm embarrassed to say, I had and fangirl moment. I started dancing around the kitchen silently screaming in excitement. Of course this made my dad laugh and then he proceeded to introduce me to her while chuckling.

"Hi Sandra, it is so nice to talk to you. I listen to you on Spotify and love your music." Oh man... I had so many questions and some that had nothing about music, but about her personal journey. I completely froze. I could hear the words leaving my lips but my mind was yelling to say something different, then finally gave up in disgust and shut down.

While talking to Sandra she mentioned a course that my father and I could take to get more information about the Indigenous Nations in what we now call Canada. She agreed to talk again and I'm looking forward to talking to her again soon.

So who is Sandra Sutter? That my friends will be for you to explore.

My father and I both enrolled in the 12 week course offered from the University of Alberta. The course is called Indigenous Canada. You can enroll for free or pay for more testing and content to receive a certificate. I encourage you to check it out and expand your understanding.

Like I mentioned before, I enjoy learning new things with others and embarking on this learning adventure with my father makes is extra special.

You can find the course by following the below link.

I'm not taking this course just because Sandra suggested it. In fact, I started taking this course before she mentioned it. I have questions about the first people's that inhabited what we now call Canada before the Europeans "discovered" North America. I was taught in school almost nothing about the First Nations of Turtle Island. Their history was never discussed or talked about. To tell you the truth, I am upset about it. I'm upset that only one side of the story was told to me.

In my own research as an adult, I am learning about the First Nations cultures, their struggles, their stories. I want to learn about Canada's true history. The good, bad and, ugly. In order to understand the true story I knew I needed to see it from different perspectives not just the ones that other's believed was important.

I am surprised that the more I learn, the more a feel like missing pieces of my life puzzle filling in the gaps of whats me. Now, in no way am I saying that I am linking my past or DNA (physical) being to the First Nations People. What I'm trying to say is that their culture, their connection with nature, the way they see this earth and the importance of relationships with it and their community; it makes sense to me. It comforts me like a warm blanket, knowing that I'm not weird or different because I can't seem to place some of the Eurocentric worldviews and ideologies into the way I feel right/comfortable for me.

With what I have already learned and am continually learning, I feel like I am opening a box of the bigger truth about Canada and finding myself connecting more and more with Indigenous worldviews.


"I'm working on a better me, mentally and physically,

I battled with depression, it took its toll spiritually,

But music was my weapon on the battle ground to set me free,

I fought the darkness to the light and realized I am a seed,

That grew from roots into a tree, in me there is medicine,

Stand strong through this stormy winds and be there for my brethren."

- Leonard Sumner

"On my journey I learn to fly, I made goals, I set my sight,

Embraced the winds of change again,

There is turbulence with every flight,

Cause lessons learned with shaky wings,

Are blessings learned to control the fright,

Don't let the darkness sent your way,

Stop you heart from doing right."

- Leonard Sumner

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